I’d hate to be a guy cause I love getting to sit when I pee


what if one day for 24 hours everyone with a tumblr turned into whatever their url is 

"Holland has very nice lips to kiss."

"The first time we worked together, I came home and I said [to my wife], ‘Whoa, this kid who’s playing my son… he’s got it. He is something special. It’s this kid named Dylan… so talented.’ I could teach someone to have craft, but you can’t teach talent and it’s amazing and it’s such a pleasure to work with him.” - Linden Ashby

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I’m not crying your crying


I’m not crying your crying

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AU: Lydia realized too late that Stiles means to her

lacrosse with stilinski and yukimura


That SMILE though

My problem isn’t that my favorite characters aren’t real; it’s that I’m not fictional. I don’t want them to be real. What I desperately wish is that I could be fictional with them. It’s not that I want them here with me in this mundane and ordinary world; it’s that I want to join them in their extraordinary one.